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Hello!we are 12iD.

12iD is a multi-authentication solution to issue digital identities and identify end-users uniquely. Providing an all-in-one mobile solution for digital authentication, login and electronic signing, within a value-adding ecosystem. With a revolutionary business model, regulation data issues and restricted scalability becomes obsolete.

12iD was founded in Sweden, known for being the most successful fin-tech place of origin in the world. Inspired by the leading nordic solutions, tailored for your needs, with the latest technology, functionalities and business model.

Supported and backed by venture capital funds like ANTLER and Kistefos.

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Secure & complex backend.Simplistic frontend.

12iD provides a single sign-on (SSO) solution, allowing a flawless and seamless experience when identifying. Without any hardware requirements, the solution is secure, safe and uses proven core technology, modified for functionality.

Available on any smartphone, 12iD offers a simple wallet app with simplistic Swedish design, for any age or language. No sensitive data is ever shared, received or stored, allowing you to remain in full control.

Ready to be used. For all cases.

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Allowing end-users to UNIQUELY IDENTIFY themselves remotely, to access services online.

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Enabling FULL-SERVICE online functionality with secure authentication and new service offerings.

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Allowing SIGNING of documents, DIGITALLY and remotely, for additional value adding.

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Card Purchases

Enabling strong customer authentication (SCA), for safe card regulated transactions.

Available for download on Google Play now.

Available for download on App Store soon.

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